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Evergreen Chemical Company LLC is an industry leader in assessing and resolving water treatment problems. We are committed to provide each customer with an individualized, hands-on approach to recognizing and managing their water treatment assets while reducing potential liabilities and controlling program cost.
Expert Analysis

We offer comprehensive risk assessments and provide analysis for water treatment.

Customized Solutions

We focus our efforts on understanding the unique industry and specific requirements of our customer’s needs.

Sustainable Systems

Our programs work within a framework of sustainability with continuous evaluation and improvement.

We Deliver Results

Evergreen Chemical provides comprehensive, realiable water treatment services that effectively and efficiently deliver results.


Solutions Focused

Evergreen Chemical Company is dedicated to provide a complete line of products and services including boiler water, cooling water, waste water and process water systmes to help the customer succeed.

Legionella Solutions

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments and provides ongoing management programs with the proliferation of legionella.
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Water Treatement Systems

We offer a wide range of waste water treatment technologies for removing pollutants, minimizing sludge handling/disposal costs. improving effluent quality and promoting water savings and reuse.
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Cooling Systems

We provide customized water treatment programs designed to address scale, corrosion, deposition and microbiological needs for cooling water systems.
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